Managed Antivirus

Keeping your data safer for longer.  

 Many people are familiar with traditional antivirus software that you install yourself on individual devices. The difference with Managed Antivirus is that Britannia IT will handle all the administration, set up, updates and management required for you. Rest assured knowing your data is safe and leave the rest to us.

Protect your data and devices. 


Ensure that malware and viruses are blocked and removed from your system.  

Phishing & Fraud

Protect your end-users from identity fraud or phishing attacks. 


Protect your most critical data from being stolen and sold on the Dark Web or being held ransom.   


Stop hackers in their tracks. Robust firewalls and network security will make it harder for hackers to access the information they’re after.  

Why is Managed Antivirus with Britannia IT better than traditional DIY in-house solutions?  

Automatic updates and compliance.  

Making it much easier to roll out antivirus protection across every device, rather than dealing with manual updates. 

  Peace of mind knowing your data is in safe hands  

Making it much easier to roll out antivirus protection across every device, rather than dealing with manual updates. 

We liaise with third parties for you.  

Less back and forth for you with third parties who don’t know your business like we do.  

We work with the best vendors and backup providers  

We understand how important your data is. That’s why we only partner with the best vendors in the industry to provide services for our clients.  

Less tedious management and admin tasks for your team 

All management is done centrally from Britannia IT. This means less troubleshooting issues on individual devices in-house. 

We’re continually working in the background  

Unless you can afford 24/7 monitoring internally, outsourcing antivirus protection is a smart move. We’ve got you covered, all the time. 

 Avast CloudCare 

Britannia IT partner with Avast CloudCare to provide the best security solutions for our clients through the Cloud.  

CloudCare is easy-to-use, quick to implement and offer comprehensive endpoint protection and network security.  
Get in touch for bespoke pricing  


BitDefender offers Business Security solutions specifically designed for SMEs and enterprises.  

BitDefender provides advances risk management and vulnerability assessments, so you are aware of any potential blind spots your business might have. 

Starts at £200 per year


Sophos delivers endpoint protection, next-generation firewall security and threat detection for businesses.  

Secure all your remote workers with secure VPN access, AI software and cloud management. 

Starts at £19 per month

Find out more about the benefits of Managed Antivirus for businesses.  

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