Business Backup Solutions 

Your data; managed and secure.  

The most valuable asset every business has is its data. Ensuring that yours is stored and shared securely is essential in this digital age. Rest-assured knowing that no matter what happens, your business can maintain productivity and work efficiently with access to everything you need. 

Protect your business with reliable backup for your data. 

Backup for Office 365

Did you know that Microsoft does not automatically backup your data? Emails and files are stored for a limited time frame, and after that, they’re gone forever.  

Getting backup for Office 365 will ensure that the daily information you input on emails, files and apps is safe long-term.

Backup as a Service 

There is a common misconception that backing up data is a luxury or something that only big corporations need. This is not true.  

Outsourcing the job of backing up your systems and files serves as a protective cushion for you to fall back on. Mistakes happen, and sometimes data is lost or compromised. Make sure yours is recoverable. 

Cloud backup 

Britannia IT work with third-party cloud backup vendors like Acronis to provide the best solutions for our clients.  

Protect any workload, any piece of data or even your whole infrastructure by storing it in a public cloud space. Minimise downtime by ensuring your business can stay operational at all times. 

Benefits of backup 

Unlimited Access 

With cloud backup, you can access your data securely on any device, in any location.  

Increased Protection 

Data can easily be lost, stolen or corrupted. Backing it up in a separate location ensures that your critical data stays secure. 


Business backup solutions evolve as your business grows. Never pay for more than you need.  

Maintain Productivity 

Ensure that your team have access to everything that they need to do their jobs well, no matter what happens. 

Flexible billing so you never pay for more than you use 

We handle the maintenance and updates for you

We liaise with third parties for you 

We work with the best vendors and backup providers

Technical support from experienced engineers

You can trust that your data is stored securely

Start protecting your data today