UK Hosted Data Backups

Key Features Include:

  • Spend less and get more: Our cloud-based hosted Backup system, means you won’t have to purchase new expensive hardware. Instead, you will only pay for the storage space that you use, saving you money and reducing expenditure.
  • Reduced Maintenance costs: By storing mission critical data off site, you will save time and money on physical server maintenance.
  • Speedy Data Recovery: If disaster does strike, We will have you backup and running in no time by recovering direct from the Cloud onto your servers, in the event that your servers are our of service we can recover to virtual machines on our private cloud to enable you access as quickly as possible.
  • Scalable and Agile: Our cloud backup service is incredibility flexible to scale your resources to match the IT needs of your business at all times.
  • Managed Migration and Continuous Support: Britannia are expects in cloud services, our commitment to customer satisfaction and Service level agreements enables us to provide the best service to you from start to completion.