Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 

Be prepared for any situation.  

Disasters that might affect a business include natural disasters, cyber-attacks or even a simple office accident – all of which can have significant implications. Even though we might try, it’s impossible to plan for every specific crisis in life, the very nature of a disaster is that they are unexpected. However, formulating robust risk assessments and business continuity plans will give your business the boost it needs if a disaster ever does come your way.  

Work with Britannia IT to develop your Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan today. 

Minimise downtime and plan for the future. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Disasters can affect any business, and they do not always appear how we might expect. While you may not be able to plan for every scenario, you can put processes in place to risk-assess situations and ensure you know what to do in a crisis. 

You can rely on Britannia IT to implement your Disaster Recovery processes quickly and effectively when the time comes.

Business Continuity

A Business Continuity plan is a proactive backup solution to mitigate risks for your entire infrastructure. If a crisis hits, you will be able to get fully operational with minimal downtime. 

Everything can be recovered with a comprehensive Business Continuity plan.   

Ensure that your company can provide a continuity of service to your customers by never missing a beat.  

Bespoke Strategic Guidance

Formulate your plans with step-by-step guidance and support from professionals. 

Britannia IT can help you to create a plan that is tailored to your business requirements.  

We will advise you on the most cost-effective options for your business and work with you to ensure your plan is airtight.

On average, it takes a business 18.5 hours to recover from a disaster. That’s a lot of downtime. 

Roughly 43% of companies never totally recover following a disaster.

What are the benefits of forming a BCDR plan? 

Stay Operational 

Get back on your feet as soon as possible. Keep business flowing as usual and get your essentials up and running to ensure data is safe and customers are happy. 


You may need to suddenly purchase new servers, devices or even an office space. Doing this on top of extended downtime is costly. 

Preserving Your Reputation 

Build confidence among your employees and customers alike. Stay ahead of competitors by establishing yourself as a reliable and resilient company.   

Mitigate Risks 

Downtime is the biggest financial risk for businesses, but don’t forget that some disasters can put people in danger. Ensuring that your team know what to do in an emergency could save lives. 

Need help with creating a Disaster Recovery Plan?

How can Britannia IT help me?  

The Best BCDR Solutions Out There 

Enterprise-level backup protection from the industry’s leading vendors. You can trust that we have access to all the resources you need.  

 Regular Reporting 

We provide regular testing and monitoring of your backup solutions, and BCDR plans to make sure you’re always prepared.

Rapid Response Team 

If disaster does strike, our team will be on hand to restore your data quickly and efficiently. 

Highly Qualified Staff 

You can rely on Britannia IT. Our team are all specialists in their fields and know what it takes to keep a business safe.

Flexible Solutions That Work Across Platforms 

If you use a mixture of Windows, iOS or other software and devices, don’t worry. We can provide effective plans that will work seamlessly across every platform.

Asset Management 

We will complete a full audit of all your IT assets, including hardware or software. This information will provide you with everything you need to form a comprehensive plan. 

Future-proof your business now