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Managed IT Services

To enable your business to grow and be successful in the future, you need a strong foundation of technology to get your there.

Britannia IT Managed IT Services offer more than just outsourced software, or troubleshooting of issues. We provide strategic advice and the smartest, cost-effective IT solutions for your business needs.


What does Managed IT Services Include?

IT Support Plan

When the business world can be unpredictable, and technology is always changing, it can be hard to keep up.

An effective IT Support Plan will ensure your business has innovative and flexible technology solutions at its core both now, and for the future.  

Managed Maintenance & Management

We know it can be challenging to find time internally to invest in managing and maintaining your entire IT stack.  
That’s why we’re here.  
We will manage your whole IT infrastructure remotely, and on site, to make sure everything is running smoothly 24/7.  

Service Desk & Reactive Help Desk

When something goes wrong, you won’t have to count on Google to answer your questions anymore!  
Instead, you will have access to our service desk where you can speak to IT experts who know and understand your business’ IT infrastructure. This means we can react to problems when they occur and prevent future issues.  

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Support?

Access to experts

Access to experts

If you need more hands-on-deck to alleviate workload, you just need to reach out. 

Cost effective


Outsourcing your IT services reduces the overheads of internal IT teams. 

Save time

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”

Boost productivity

Optimising your technology through remote management will give you more time to do what you do best.

Future-proof your business

Future-proof your business

Plan for any challenge that might come your way by ensuring you have the best IT foundations possible. 

Keep data safe

Keep data safe

Trust that your data is in safe hands. It’s also easy to request additional cybersecurity and data backup support, all from one provider.   

Want to get a better understanding of your business’ IT?
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How can Britannia IT help me?

Unlimited Access

We guarantee that you will have access to 24/7 IT support through our managed helpdesk.
We offer unlimited support – whether it’s a reactive issue, proactive work or a big project – we can help.  

Wealth of experience

Our team are regularly trained on all the latest threats, software and updates. This means you can trust your data, applications and software are safe. Rest assured knowing we’ve got your covered.

Tailored service

We understand that IT support is never ‘one size fits all’.
Britannia IT offer bespoke services catered to your specific business requirements.  

Remote management

We will simulate cyber-attacks to highlight any areas of vulnerability your business might have against the real thing.   
As well as this, we will provide regular reporting on your cybersecurity health so that you know exactly where you stand.   

Speedy solutions

IT support is what we specialise in.

We’ve got years of experience problem solving a myriad of IT support issues with business from a variety of sectors.
We pride ourselves in our rapid response times and thorough work.  

No nasty surprises

Fixed monthly billing provides transparent, fixed invoicing to all clients.

This ensures that you know exactly where you stand and there are no unexpected bills.